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Violation Of Yalta Agreement

However, on the question of Poland`s post-war status, the hostility and mistrust between the United States and the Soviet Union, which would characterize the Cold War, was most evident. Soviet troops already had control of Poland, a pro-communist provisional … Continue reading

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Vendor Agent Agreement

The agreement is fairly balanced, but biased in favour of the agent. While a distributor buys on resale, buys from the Principal, the role of a representative is to find buyers on behalf of the client and on the … Continue reading

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Ustr Colombia Free Trade Agreement

On 18 November 2003, USTR Zoellick formally informed Congress of the government`s intention to begin negotiations on free trade agreements with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. A press release attached to the communication stated that the government was planning … Continue reading

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Uranium Suspension Agreement

“We were pleased to be able to contribute, on behalf of our client, to the successful extension of this important trade agreement,” said Jared Wessel, partner of Hogan Lovells. “The new agreement will serve as the cornerstone for the … Continue reading

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Uni Due Isma Learning Agreement

Your agreement with Malmo University and how you receive your funds when you return to Malmo. The apprenticeship agreement must be signed responsibly or equivalently by your head of department or program/course before departure. It should also be signed … Continue reading

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Ufu Agreement

Businesses could only function as a clause in an employer-applicable agreement that would divert the entire business mechanism as a means of facilitating the approval of agreements.23 In the first decision, it was found that, apart from certain clauses … Continue reading

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Turkey Agreement Till 2023

It is possible here to strike a balance between the treaties of Lausanne II and the “Nanjing Treaty” that China ceded to Britain after the First Opium War, by signing the Tchenba Agreement, which is to end the first … Continue reading

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Translate Melayu Agreement

If your firm regularly works abroad, you will probably need legal translations of documents. These legal document translation services can be a powerful tool to ensure that the documentation you send and receive is translated quickly and accurately. TranslateMedia … Continue reading

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Trade Agreement Singapore

5. The parties may agree to cooperate in other areas of common interest than those covered in this agreement. Cooperation in other areas is provided through the relevant authorities of each party and by appointment. Aware of the growing … Continue reading

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Title Agreements

A “future legislative act” is an activity or proposal that may affect the national interests of the title. The Native Title Act protects native titles in the future by defining the procedures that governments must follow before the native … Continue reading

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