Flippa Purchase Agreement

For each asset sale, it is necessary to detail what exactly is included. For example, when selling shipyourenemiesglitter.com, did the purchase come with claims or an inventory of glitter? Probably not, but perhaps when buying an online business, these assets can be included in the sale. If you decide to accept the sale of a website or mobile app, the buyer and seller may decide to close the transaction immediately after an agreement is reached or to complete the closing activities at a later date. For more complex transactions, it is more common to have some kind of “escrow period.” These can also be called due diligence period or feasibility period. In order to facilitate a secure transaction and preserve the integrity of Flippa`s services, we provide a letter of intent and a sales contract used by buyers and sellers. You acknowledge that you are using these documents at your own risk. You agree that Flippa did not provide legal or financial advice by providing these documents or by providing assurances or assurances that they are tailored to your needs or needs and that they are not suitable or suitable for the sale or purchase of a particular asset. Flippa recommends that all parties obtain their own independent legal advice regarding the documents. Flippa offers a standard sales contract for transaction protection.

(a) you hold the asset or are entitled to sell the asset;b) you are the owner of all intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs that are registered or not and which are registered worldwide and all other rights, securities and shares of the asset, c) the asset is transferable to a buyer; and (d) all agreements with third parties are transferable to the buyer. It is essential that buyers and sellers clearly know what should be sold and transferred in connection with a sale to Flippa and that both parties fully agree with all the terms of sale to be included in the sale. With a fixed-price list, each buyer can offer the purchase of the installation contained in a list. An offer must be placed on the offer. A seller can accept, refuse or counter any offer. If you are a buyer and you have made an offer, you acknowledge and accept that you agree to purchase the asset if the seller accepts this offer and you may be obliged to pay for it. If you are a seller and have accepted an offer, acknowledge and accept that you are committing to sell the assets mentioned to the buyer. The most significant liability risk when buying a business is probably the potential liability that can follow the sale to the buyer. For example, if you buy a business and the seller has sold a number of gift certificates.

These gift certificates could be an object that follows the case and suddenly the buyer is obliged to honour these certificates. Your decision to acquire an asset on the list is based solely on your own investigation and that of your legal, tax and other advisors. You assume sole responsibility for reviewing and reviewing an asset and all the information contained in a list. These include commitments, financial statements, tax returns and any other facts or information that may affect your decision to purchase this listed asset and the price you are willing to pay. You understand that Flippa can only display a summary description of a listed asset. These conditions replace all pre-insurance agreements, agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the object and specify the whole and exclusive agreement between the parties. Each sales contract should stipulate that the seller must be responsible for everything until the sale of the business and the buyer of everything after the sale of the business.

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