Manufacturing Licence Agreement Template

Depending on the agreements envisaged by the parties, the licensee may be allowed to export products it produces to other countries. According to our project, export is only permitted if consent is obtained, but that consent is not retained, unless the licensee acts in the country concerned or there is already another licensee or agent in the country to which the goods are to be exported. This license is appropriate when the company that grants the license (the licensee), the licensee who manufactures and sells products, provides the know-how and technical support. If the marks are used, you should include a quality control section in an agreement. This ensures that the mark is not modified in a way that no longer resembles the licensee`s product. Provisions should be established for a licensee to authorize marketing materials or packaging to ensure that the mark remains unchanged. Patent holders, designs, copyrights and other intellectual property rights who live off inventions often choose to grant these rights to other than means of exploiting their inventions. Often, the owner of an invention chooses to enter into a licensing agreement with another party for the production of licenses allowing that part to produce its invention. A prefabricated and informative licensing agreement, specifically for manufacturing and distribution. Inventors should consider the pros and cons of manufacturing over the licensing of a product in order to determine the best way to achieve its business objectives. This clause defines the main purpose of the agreement, namely the granting of a licence – which is an exclusive license that authorizes the taker to manufacture and sell the range of products that must be included in a schedule of the agreement. If an unforeseen event occurs outside the control of the parties, the party concerned is removed from its contractual liability and, if the force majeure event renders it impossible to execute the contract for more than a certain period of time, each party has the right to terminate it.

Although not shown here, force majeure should not be used by a party to avoid a payment due under the contract. A licensee will try to get the most money from the agreement from a certain design, while a licensee will try to keep costs low. An inventor may choose to manufacture the product himself or through a third party to manufacture the product for his company. If demand increases and cash flow is not readily available to meet the high demand for production, an inventor can license the product.

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