No Pet Clause In Tenancy Agreement Uk

Under the Tenant Fees Act, many landlords are now opposed to having pets in their real estate. However, the inclusion of the correct clauses in your rental agreement can protect you from damage to pets and allow you to do increasing marketing. In accordance with fair terms regulations – which is part of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – you should be able to demand that, despite a clause in the lease, you can keep your pet in your apartment. Such an application should be properly considered and rejected, not without reason. In some cases, the landlord removes the section that allows tenants to apply for permission. The non-compliance clause is a blanket ban on pets, which is not considered enforceable. If, as a tenant, you are taking this to court, then it is likely that you would earn the right to keep a pet. “But government leases for tenants, which can be used as the basis for leases with tenants, are being revised to remove restrictions on well-regenerative pets – to ensure that, where possible, more owners are responsible for ensuring that breeders are responsible. , says the statement. If you hold a pet against the clause and you have a short-term lease, the lessor may distribute you as part of the Section 21 procedure or simply refuse to renew your lease at the end of the term. If the animal is clearly not fit to be kept in the apartment, the owner has the right to bring you to justice even if you have a long-term lease.

If you are a new owner, we can continue to advise you on your legal obligations – when it comes to pet clauses and other issues. To learn more about the services we offer to homeowners, contact us today. It is imperative that you re-expose your lease to see if there is a “No Pets” clause before moving in. If an owner accepts pets, make sure you receive their written consent. The lessor could have a contract allowing them to withdraw their contract in case of problems affecting the neighbours or damaging the interior of the property. Now below is the Pet Directive, to which refers the clause that you can use as a supplement to your rental agreement.

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