Sample Service Level Agreement For Printing Services

Print – Copy Bureau has set itself the goal of providing all users with an exceptional in-house printing service. Print – Copy Bureau uses the latest highly specialized pressurized equipment to provide high-quality, responsive service. The pressurized equipment used in the Printing and Copy Office offers print definitions twice as high as all other printers in the university. The purpose of this service level agreement (“SLA”) is to formalize an agreement between the University of Washington (University or UW) and Ricoh USA, Inc. (“Ricoh”) to provide equipment, accessories and support services at certain levels of support. The following services are provided by Ricoh at UW: To offer all customers comprehensive, responsive, high-quality, low-cost printing services. Ricoh Service Technicians respond to an average quarterly response time of four (4) hours for all customer calls located within 30 miles of a Ricoh service center and eight (8) hours for all customer calls located between one and one 31 miles or more of a Ricoh service center. The service is between 8:00 a.m. .m and 5:00 p.m. .m. Monday to Friday without recognized public holidays.

Participate in regular audits of Ricoh`s services In order to provide all university communities, University students and administrative services a comprehensive, reliable and quality pressure management service (i) repairs due to abuse (including, but not limited, improper voltage or the use of consumables that do not meet the manufacturer`s specifications) or the absence or failure of an appropriate electrical, air conditioning or humidity control service; (ii) repairs required by services provided by persons other than Ricoh representatives; (iii) service calls or work requested by the UW outside normal business hours (defined below) (unless covered by a longer-hour service contract) and service calls or work that UW wishes to perform at Ricoh Holidays (defined below); (iv) a removable cassette, a copy cabinet, exit shells or objects not related to the mechanical or electrical operation of the goods maintained; (v) consumables such as paper or basic necessities, unless the order is expressly arranged; (vi) repairs and/or service calls from facilities not acquired by Ricoh; (vii) software, system support or associated connectivity, unless Ricoh has indicated it in writing; (viii) parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer concerned; ix) electrical work outside of maintained products, including problems due to overloaded or inadequate circuits; x) the installation or uninstalling and/or transfer of maintained products from one location to another, unless ricoh has indicated in writing; and (xi) repairs to damage or lengthening operating time caused by force majeure events. Damage to maintained products or parts resulting from causes outside Ricoh control is not covered by this agreement. Ricoh may terminate its service obligations in an order for pending products modified, damaged, modified or maintained by other Ricoh employees.

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