Secret Promise Or Agreement

The Italian Foreign Minister made it clear to the Austro-Hungarian ambassador that Italy would not be in the grip of Germany and Austria, but that compensation was expected for the extension of the territory from Austria-Hungary to Serbia. For six months, Italy remained neutral and declared that the tripartite alliance was defensive and that no member of the Alliance should have declared an act of war without prior consultation with the other signatory countries. Article 7 of the Alliance provided for compensation to maintain the balance of power in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary had consulted only Germany in the days leading up to the ultimatum to Serbia, and Italy discovered the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war of the newspapers and not the ambassadors. Italy took the initiative to enter the war in the spring of 1915, despite strong support from the ordinary population and the elite for neutrality. Italy was a poor country, with a chaotic political system, very heavy finances and a very ill-prepared army. [2] The Triple Alliance was of little importance to Italy or Austria-Hungary, having declared war on Serbia without consulting Rome. Two men, Prime Minister Antonio Salandra and Foreign Minister Sidney Sonnino, made all the decisions in Italy, as was the case in his foreign policy. They operated in secret by hiring the king later, but keeping the military and political leaders completely in the dark. They negotiated with both sides the best agreement they got from the Agreement, which was quite ready to promise a large part of Austria and Hungary, including Tyrol and Trieste. Russia vetoed the allocation of Dalmatia and Albania to Italy. Britain was ready to have 36 million Italians as new allies to threaten Austria`s southern flank. [3] Despite various international agreements to harmonize copyright, some nations continue to take advantage of multilateral trade pacts to add increasingly demands and continue to block copyrighted works.

This type of purchase harms municipalities and users by creating a “scale effect”: enhanced intellectual property protection is negotiated between some countries and then used to push other nations to conduct a fair, public and international debate. The Triple Alliance had never been popular with the 36 million Italians and had recently been promoted by some politicians in favour of realpolitik. Many provisions of the Treaty of London were to be kept secret for the remainder of the war, but they were published by the Bolsheviks after they came to power in Russia at the end of 1917. Britain, on the other hand, was determined to have its own access to the coast, both for the Mediterranean, through the port of Haifa in Palestine, and for the Gulf, through Basra in Iraq. The promise to discover recently explored oil deposits has also dictated British interest in Mesopotamia (like present-day Iraq). A fundamental mistake in NAFTA, the CPTPP, the EU-Mercosur and almost all other trade agreements is that the texts and negotiating meetings that would cover these agreements are completely opaque to the population. They are developed and negotiated in secret, at least from the point of view of public opinion and civil society. Sometimes, industry representatives and other business interests are encouraged to consult texts or make recommendations on procedures, usually after agreeing to a Confidentiality Agreement (NOA) that prohibits them from sharing information with others.

Today`s theme of Copyright Week is transparency: whether in the form of laws, international agreements or website conditions and standards, copyright policy should be done through a participatory, democratic and transparent process. In the end, Italy was denied other benefits promised by the treaty, such as a share of the German colonies and control of Albania. [8] Italy attempted to establish a physical claim in Anatolia, Turkey, but was quickly forced to evacuate. The division of Tyrol on the water-sharing line was confirmed against the will of the majority population

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