Uni Due Isma Learning Agreement

Your agreement with Malmo University and how you receive your funds when you return to Malmo. The apprenticeship agreement must be signed responsibly or equivalently by your head of department or program/course before departure. It should also be signed by your host university. If you are unsure of the signature, speak to your international coordinator. Don`t forget to bring this! For students in exchange for bilateral agreements, Nordplus or Linnaeus-Palme 2. After possible adjustments to the choice of courses, etc. of the above documents, complete the “Section that must be completed during THE MOBILITY” section of your learning agreement above. Send this completed document to your international coordinator. 1. Choose below a learning agreement based on the department/school in which you are studying.

Complete your information on page 1, the section to be filled out before MOBILITY, and sign it. Please include your name and student number (z.B. s1234567). In the event of payment from abroad, all bank fees are borne by the applicant. You can pay your visa and accommodation fees in a transaction. Here is an overview of the exam documents. Course occupation – What courses can I take abroad? Depending on the university, MSM students can attend different programs at partner universities. From the “classic” semester abroad, through the Double-Degree program to the Summer Term Program. A “university” was possible, can become one here. A number of documents are available for a stay under the ERASMUS programme. A checklist can be found here.

. Course calculation – What services have I provided abroad, can I get credited to the MSM? . Application file – What documents do I need to submit to the application? Students studying at our partner university in Europe under the ERASMUS programme must establish a learning agreement. The method of legalization depends on the country concerned. Dutch representations in other countries are responsible for the legalization of foreign documents for use in the Netherlands. The documents must first have been legalized by the country`s own authorities, usually by the foreign ministry of the country where the document was issued. It is not easy to find a place in Amsterdam, as there is a serious shortage of housing for students. Although the International Bureau of VU Amsterdam will do its best to arrange accommodation suitable for all, VU Amsterdam cannot offer accommodation in the following cases: Please apply for accommodation in VUnet. If you submit your accommodation application to VUnet, you must specify your preferences. Please note that you cannot change your settings once you have filed the application in VUnet.

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