Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement For Geo-Spatial Cooperation (Beca) Upsc

Since 2016, India has signed three fundamental agreements: – The BECA agreement will also help to reduce India`s military divide with China, in the wake of tensions between India and China. India and China have been in border conflict since April-May, following the intrusion of the Chinese People`s Liberation Army into several parts of Indian territory. This article is based on “The Delhi-DC strategic dance” published in the Hindustan Times on 27.10.2020. It discusses the impact of the signing of the basic agreement on trade and cooperation between India and the United States on the signing of the Exchange and Cooperation Agreement in the context of geographic data research (BASIC). The signing of BECA will enable India and the United States to act together and put themselves in a better position to shape the regional and global environment for peace and stability. But the two countries must not make this signature glamorous, because these agreements are not an end in themselves, but a means to achieve a broader goal – the security and prosperity of their citizens. In the face of rising tensions between India and China following the deaths of 20 soldiers in Ladakh four months ago, the pact is expected to help India narrow the military divide with Beijing. News of the agreement was strongly criticized by the Chinese government Global Times, which noted earlier this month that “New Delhi… “hopes to show China its military strength and the importance of U.S. connections to the largest size.” In the next ministerial dialogue of the 2-2 ministerial dialogue, India and the United States will sign the last basic agreement, the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geographical Cooperation (BECA). New Delhi: India and the United States intend to sign an important pact, the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA), for geographic cooperation before the NOVEMBER 3 presidential elections. The data obtained under the agreement will be relevant to India`s northern and western borders, which will be essential given the current geopolitical situation.

Under the BECA agreement, U.S. forces will provide advanced navigational and avionics assistance and share geographic data with India, which will help increase the accuracy of the Indian military`s automated hardware systems and weapons, such as drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for Geographic Cooperation is essentially a proposed communication agreement between the U.S. Department of Defense`s National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the Indian Government Department of Defense. These agreements covered areas such as security and military information, compatibility, security and logistics exchanges, and communications. BECA`s goal is to improve space cooperation between India and the United States. Beca is the latest of four basic defence agreements between the two countries, which allow for a much higher level of military cooperation in the areas of technology, interoperability and armament manufacturing. The BECA agreement has been under negotiation between India and the United States for more than a decade, as the previous UPA government was concerned about its impact on India`s national security, as the bilateral agreement should also allow India to share similar data with the United States. The agreement is one of the few basic agreements the United States signs with its close partners. The signing of the BECA marks the end of the long period of mutual trust and provides the conditions for broader security cooperation.

The United States looks forward to India`s signing of the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement on Geographical Cooperation (BECA) at the next India-U.S. 2-2 Ministerial Dialogue, which is scheduled for October 2020.

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