Chase Deposit Account Agreement And Privacy Notice

The terms of this agreement apply to all joint account holders. Each signatory to your account receives a unique user ID and password. Accounts requiring two or more signatures are not suitable for service. You acknowledge that if you receive payments from American Express that exceed the threshold set by American Express, you will be converted into a direct relationship with American Express and that after the conversion, they will be linked to the current American Express and American Express acceptance contract at the discount and other fees you pay for the acceptance of the American Express card. , will be fixed. Transactions recorded in your account from a given business day may only appear on the next business day in the account balances reported by the Service. Information about transfers to or from your accounts with us is reflected on your periodic statements, is available online and can be accessed at 800-922-8429. We no longer communicate on the receipt, transmission or debit of money transfers. Your privacy is very important to us. By accepting this agreement, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our privacy policy. They agree that all claims relating to this agreement or service, including claims relating to the applicability of this arbitration clause, be resolved exclusively and definitively through a binding arbitration procedure managed by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”).

We or the Bank choose another arbitration forum when the AAA suspends its activities. In the absence of this arbitration clause, you may have had the right or opportunity to argue a claim before a judge or jury and to participate in litigation brought by others (including class actions). You waive those rights and any rights you have must now be resolved through arbitration. All claims are subject to arbitration, regardless of their theory. These include claims based on contractual, unlawful acts (including intentional illegality), fraud, agency, negligence, legal or regulatory provisions or other sources of law. Claims and appeals brought in the context of a group action, a private lawyer or other representative remedy are subject to arbitration proceedings only on an individual basis (non-category and non-representative) and the arbitrator may grant discharge only on an individual basis (non-class, non-representative). Arbitration is made before a single arbitrator and is limited exclusively to the debt between you, on the one hand, and us or the bank, on the other. Arbitration or part of it is not consolidated by another arbitration and is not implemented on a collective action or class basis.

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