Hyrecar Rental Agreement

Welcome to HyreCar! The www.hyrecar.com website and the mobile app (the “platform”) are copyrighted works of HyreCar Inc. (“HyreCar,” “company,” “we,” “we”). These terms of use (this “contract”) and all the guidelines, guidelines, rules and agreements contained in our platform jointly create the legally binding conditions under which HyreCar gives you access and use of its services, including the use of the platform, products and market place (together the “services”). If you opt for access and use of the Services, you agree to be bound by this contract, our guidelines, our rules, rules and agreements that will be inserted by reference. By using our services, you also agree to comply with all local, governmental or federal laws and regulations. IF, FOR ANY REASON, YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE STOP USING THE SERVICES IMMEDIATELY. For insurance reasons, the rent of the vehicle is divided into four different travel times. Period 0 is when the driver has picked up a vehicle from the owner and driven to the stop of the Uber or Lyft app. The first period is when the driver has activated the Uber or Lyft app, but has not yet accepted a fare. Period 2 is when the driver has accepted the ticket price and is on his way to pick up a passenger.

period 3, when a passenger is in the vehicle. The HyreCar Directive is specifically written for periods when drivers operate HyreCar OFF vehicles on the Uber or Lyft platform (period 0). During periods when drivers operate on the Uber or Lyft platforms (periods 1, 2 and 3), HyreCar insurance is subject to state-mandated insurance from Uber and Lyft. This allows us to reduce insurance costs and liability by using government-imposed insurance policies, which are provided by the TNCS. I had a bad experience, where the driver extended the rent without paying any money. If I don`t do it online and question them, they didn`t even care to inform me about this scenario. Ideally, I think the rent will only be extended if there is money in the driver`s account. And it was a month. They don`t pay me. They don`t answer emails or calls. I threatened to act legally if they did not respond, even if they did not care. But if there is something that needs to be done that is hurting their trial, they will call you crazy.

The worst customer service of all time — it is as if they were to be prosecuted in the United States. My first time renting my vehicle with hyrecar is also a terrible experience. Passive income was important until it was time to get my vehicle back. The driver left him with a key ring inside.

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