Lalamove Agreement

Opt-out procedure: You can disable these provisions within 30 days of the date you accept the terms of this agreement by a written notification (“opt-out notice”). You can send your notice of non-exit by mail or manual delivery to 2919 Commerce Street, Suite 303, Dallas, Tx, 75226 or by email from the email address associated with your account (with “Opt-Out of Agreement to Arbitrate” in the subject). Your opt-out notice should contain your full name and clearly state your intention to opt out of arbitration rules. The supplier partner has the right to cancel a shipment from time to time, if it is prudent for the supplier partner to do so. Regardless of the above, Delivery Partner is aware that cancellations can lead to low feedback from user/supplier partners and complaints. Failure to maintain favourable opinions from user/supplier partners and/or receipt of claims may constitute a substantial violation of this Agreement and give Lalamove the right to temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate the supplier partner`s account. In addition, the supplier`s failure to provide a delivery under this agreement, another agreement with the company or the terms agreed with the user (“failure to deliver”) due to the action, inaction or omission of the delivery partner down all or part of the agreed royalty for delivery constitutes a substantial violation of this Agreement, and the Entity may prohibit the supplier partner from using the application. Similarly, the delivery partner may be required to have cancelled all or part of the agreed delivery costs, to have suspended his account or to have prohibited his access to the Lalamove application for any other act, inaction or omission as defined by Lalamove, including, but not limited, disputes with users, alleged fraud, loss of objects, non-participation, delivery of prohibited objects or any other reasonable offence that constitutes a substantial violation of this agreement. The company`s actions in this section do not limit other remedies or compensation to which the entity or user may be entitled under this Agreement or other Agreement between the Parties or the Act.

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