Sherpa Agreement

“claims,” all claims, violations, claims, commitments, litigation, means (including law, contract, negligence or any other wrongdoing), procedures, obligations, debts, pledges, fines, penalties, contracts, promises, fees, fees (including legal fees, whether they have been exposed to the courts, in the course of the appeal procedure or other means), without being limited to personal injury, improper death, property damage and injury to a driver or a third party, consequential, compensatory or punitive damages, or losses (known, unknown, alleged, indeterminate, fixed, conditional or contingent) resulting from or relating to any of the sherpa services , including one of the vehicles, placement, equipment, maintenance, related information, this agreement or (b) the use of one of these vehicles. To meet this demand, Relyum has signed a distribution contract with Sherpa Inc. for the Japanese market. This partnership will enable Sherpa to provide an integrated solution for industrial automation and communication projects on the basis of two pillars: the terms mentioned in the agreement (together the “agreement”) constitute a legal agreement between you and the company, a Sydney company (the “company”). In order to use the service and associated software, you must accept the terms and conditions below. By using or receiving services made available to you by the Company (together the “Service”) and downloading, the installation or use of associated software provided by the Company that allows you to use the Service (together the “Software”) you hereafter acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement as well as future changes and complements to the agreement that will be published from time to time in the Terms and Conditions or via the Service. Contact Point: Alfredo Quintero ( During the use of the software and service, you can obtain a match with the software or service, conclude third-party products and/or services, advertisers or sponsors who display their goods and/or services through the software or service, or participate in promotions. Any activity of this type and all conditions, guarantees or insurance related to this activity are exclusively between you and the third party concerned. The company and its licensees assume no responsibility, obligation or responsibility for these correspondences, purchases, transactions or promotions between you and a third party. The company does not support websites that are linked by the service or software and, under no circumstances, the entity or its licensees are responsible for content, products, services or other content on or from such sites or third parties. The company provides you with the software and service in accordance with the terms of this contract.

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