Stamp Duty On Employment Agreement In Maharashtra

Also help me with the amount of the fine, if we re-develop documents in a month, since the tax had not been paid before, we have to pay 100% fee, 200% fee, or how much? (M.G.G. No. 124, Part IV-B, page 506, Mudrank. 2002/875/CR-173/M-1, 6 May 2002) – In exercising its powers, the Government of Maharashtra reduces stamp duty levied on mortgage deed instruments for residential home loans that are calculated in accordance with clause (b) of Article 33; Clause (b) of Article 40 and Clause (ii) of Article 54 of Schedule I of that Act, at two rupees and fifty paise for each rupee five cents or in part for the guaranteed amount, subject to the instrument of participation of the letter of bank sanctions and the purpose of the loan expressly mentioned in the act effective May 1, 2002. it is subject to customs duties, as if it were an agreement or a customs memorandum of understanding covered by Article 5, (h), Appendix I. (8), whether it was an agreement or a memorandum, whether it was an involuntary and undated agreement, and that another intermediate instrument between the same parties and for the same purpose is executed and duly stamped: b) when a contract or agreement of any kind is made by correspondence consisting of two or more letters and a letter bearing the corresponding stamp; The contract or agreement is considered duly labelled; (b) any person who is not designated in this way and who negotiates stamps other than adhesive stamps of twenty or less.] if, upon receipt of this notification, the author of the obligation, who must pay a stamp duty and penalty deficit, pays stamp duty within one month of the denial and also pays the fixed fine of two hundred and fifty rupees, he is not required to pay a fine of 2% in accordance with the first deadline; and the notice already given to the collector of the riding will be voided: [52B. Stamp disability and economy. – Notwithstanding what is included in sections 47, 50, 51 and 52, – the capacity to load the stamp tax on the instrument, determined by the stamp collector, is not final. The person who is concerned with the order of the stamp collector can appeal to the Chief Control Authority, Maharashtra State, Pune as provided in Section 53 of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958, limit for filing a complaint is mandatory within 60 days. 2. Can such an instrument not be duly stamped by an individual by referring to the description of the seal prescribed for this purpose: Thus, within three months, the collector, who stamps the same, may, as the state government generally requires, be equipped with a stamp of such value, which the person who needs this instrument can demand and pay, a stamp of a stamp that the person who needs this instrument can pay and pay. And the Maharashtra government believes it is appropriate to allow such a duty of stamp duty with certain changes.

Under the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, stamp duty must be paid as a measure to cover and track all transactions.

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