E Agreement Tool Download

The online and offline versions of the tool can be viewed via the following links. Users are requested to read the guide carefully before using it. A suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process The software is designed for Windows and consists of three modules: i) anthropometric calculator, ii) individual assessment and iii) nutritional survey. The first two modules concern the calculation of Z scores (or percentiles) to assess the growth of each child and are therefore very relevant for clinical use. However, it should be noted that, for the Nutrition Survey module, the methodology for calculating prevalence and confidence interval estimates has not yet been updated to adapt it to the most recent instrument, the WHO Anthro Survey Analyse. Optimize the generation, verification, and approval of agreements The built-in document editor gives you all the tools you need to edit, send, and sign documents in seconds. To download the software and the corresponding manuals, click on the following links. We recommend that users first study the manual, especially the description of requirements and installation (z.B. NET Framework required before installing the software). The methodology has been updated taking into account the complexity of the sample design of most of the most recent surveys compared to the Methodology of the Anthro software (below).

Improvements relate only to the precision measures surrounding the estimates (standard errors and confidence intervals). The tool is based on R, with the Shiny package. Before downloading the software, please read the license agreement.

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