Virgin Atlantic Interline Baggage Agreement British Airways

According to IATA rules, it is also quite possible that interline airlines on one route and another, not at all or on one route, at “reasonable” rates and on another, interline only at the full fare. But will our flight be on the same ticket? I am also a little worried, since we have 1h45min to change planes, it is our luggage that goes directly to the VA plane because I am not sure that it will be enough (and even less if the BA flight is late)? British Aiways and Virgin Atlantic do not share codeshares, you must collect your baggage from the Virgin flight to Heathrow and check in with British Airways for the flight to Rome; You must move from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 at Heathrow. If you are travelling from Los Angeles to Rome via Heathrow with British Airways, you and your luggage will be inspected in Rome. BA has an e-ticket line spacing agreement with VS, but I guess it`s about as popular as jugs with lemon orneau water in the next champagne bar. In another TA forum, I was told that my luggage might not be transferred, given that they are competing airlines. I just called Virgin Atlantic and they confirmed that, although they are “rival” airlines, they are going to have a baggage deal with British Airways, and they are actually going to transfer my luggage. The first time I called, after buying my tickets, they told me that my luggage was going to pass because I`m on a ticket, but with TA posters that said that because they were rivals, you doubt they would pass it on, I got nervous. If I check in at the airport, I will confirm once again with VA that my luggage will actually be transferred. And when it comes to checking if a route can be booked on a third-party site (with protected connections), then the answer is yes, unless you use (the only book that gathers unprotected connections). You shouldn`t just buy from a third party online because of other levels of inequality, but, with the exception of Kiwi, third parties use a GDS for flight search and GDS only returns flight plans with interlined protected links. If any of them look good, take the details to a full-service travel agency and see if they can book it. Overall, SammyFloyd makes a good point. This doesn`t matter when it comes to separate tickets, as BA with separate tickets (irrops protection or luggage per check) will not provide any help for BA to BA….

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